Autosolar Set PWM Koffer 150W, Koffer Modul, PWM-Laderegler

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Autosolar Set PWM Koffer 150W, Koffer Modul, PWM-Laderegler

autosolar Solar case 150 W with PWM charge controller

  • Portable solar system for 12 V stand-alone systems
  • 150W foldable solar panel
  • PWM charge controller for 12 V AGM, gel or wet batteries with LED charge level indicator
  • 5 m long connection cable and alligator clips for a battery
  • Integrated aluminum stand (adjustable angle)
  • Dimensions: 505mm x 690mm x 90mm, weight: 23kg
  • Hard case included in delivery
Unpack, unfold and connect the cable. That's how quickly AutoSolar's solar enclosure is assembled. Thanks to its space-saving design, it fits in any trunk and can be taken anywhere. The high energy yield of monocrystalline solar panels can even be easily increased with the solar box, as the modules can be freely aligned. The motorhome or the car can be parked in the shade and the photovoltaic cells can be placed in the sun. During the day, the solar box can always be optimally oriented towards the sun.

Efficient use of solar energy with monocrystalline solar cells
This solar module is made up of monocrystalline cells; it therefore contains pure crystalline silicon. If you only have a relatively small roof area facing south, producing solar energy with monocrystalline modules is the ideal solution: among the different types of photovoltaic modules available, monocrystalline modules are the most efficient, both in direct sunlight and in low light. So you can get the most electricity out of a small footprint and cover all of your consumption – even if it has to be relatively high – with environmentally friendly in-house generation.